Episode 9: Breath Analysis: A Non-Invasive Method for Early Disease Detection with Ilaria Belluomo
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In this episode, we delve into the fascinating world of analytical chemistry with Ilaria Belluomo, a research associate at Imperial College London.  Ilaria shares her journey in mass spectrometry, highlighting her work on noninvasive breath analysis techniques. These groundbreaking methods are paving the way for early detection of various diseases, including colorectal cancer and neurological conditions like Parkinson’s. The conversation covers the complexities of breath analysis, including the challenges in identifying volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and the intricacies of sample collection and analysis.

With a focus on large-scale clinical trials, Ilaria emphasizes the potential of breath analysis in transforming diagnostic processes, offering a noninvasive, cost-effective, and patient-friendly alternative to traditional methods.

The podcast provides a glimpse into the future of medical diagnostics, where simple breath tests could revolutionize our approach to disease detection and management.

Ilaria Belluomo

Ilaria Belluomo, PhD (She/Her)
Research Associate
Department of Surgery and Cancer
Imperial College London
Hammersmith Campus
Commonwealth building
W12 0NN
London UK