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The TF-SPME (Thin-Film-Solid-Phase-Micro-Extraction) is a micro extraction technique that can be partially automated using the MultiPurposeSampler MPS. It excels thanks to its special phase geometry. The large volume and large surface area of the adsorbent phase also offer a high degree of sensitivity, even in the case of short extraction times. The back extraction of the analytes is also possible.

Functional principle of the TF-SPME

The adsorbent has been applied to a rectangular film. For enrichment, the film with the adsorbent is either suspended directly in a liquid sample or in the headspace above the sample. The sample is stirred and the analytes accumulate on the adsorbent. After enrichment is complete, the film is transferred into an empty thermal desorption tube and thermally desorbed in the Thermal Desorption Unit TDU 2. The adsorbent can then be conditioned in the Tube Conditioner TC 2.


Analytes from a liquid sample or from the headspace above the sample can be enriched quickly using only a small quantity of solvent. The special phase geometry allows extraction times to be shorter and offers a high degree of sensitivity. If you use a Twister as a stir bar and also desorb it, the extraction efficiency will be increased. Once the analysis is complete, you can simply condition the adsorbent and reuse it many times. The fact that it is produced from thin film makes the technology very robust. Using the MultiPurposeSampler MPS, you can automate the desorption and the subsequent analysis. Using TF-SPME, you can save time and resources.


Various adsorbents are available for the enrichment of different analytes.