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The SPME-Arrow option enables the complete automation of the solid phase micro extraction technique SPME-Arrow using the MultiPurposeSampler MPS. All steps are performed automatically and are prepped ahead by the MAESTRO software in a time-efficient way. The SPME-Arrow option impresses due to its robust construction. Compared to the SPME option the phase volume is slightly larger and its sensitivity increased.

Functional principle of the SPME-Arrow option

The MPS is fitted with a special SPME-Arrow tool. Instead of a syringe, the SPME tool contains a fiber holder with a metal shaft and arrowhead. The adsorbent has been applied to the metal shaft. Enrichment can either be performed from the tray or in the agitator. When enriched in the agitator, the sample is heated for incubation purposes. To protect the adsorbent, the arrowhead first pierces the septum of the vial, followed by a protective tube. The protective tube is then retracted and the shaft containing the adsorbent is freely accessible. After enrichment, the analytes are thermally desorbed in the inlet. The inlet is fitted with a special head for that purpose. Finally, the adsorbent is conditioned, either in the inlet or in the fiber conditioner. It is then ready for the next analysis.


Analytes from a liquid sample or from the headspace above the sample can be enriched quickly using only a small quantity of solvent. The arrowhead and the solid structure protect the adsorbent and make the technology very robust. All of the steps of the SPME-Arrow micro extraction technique can be completely automated using the MPS. Manual intervention is not necessary. The phase volume is larger than in the case of conventional SPME. Thanks to the MAESTRO software, controlling the system as a whole is simple and intuitive.


Various adsorbents are available for the enrichment of different analytes.