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Only the Nose Knows:

Identifying Lipid Oxidation Off-Odors by Sensory Directed Analysis

By Nicole C. Kfoury, Ph.D., Megan C. Harper, and Jacqueline A. Whitecavage


Air Monitoring and Material Emissions

Dynamic Focusing:

A Novel Cryogen-Free Technique for Determining VVOCs, VOCs, and SVOCs


Quality Assurance and Consumer Protection

MOSH/MOAH analysis - efficiently automated

Instrumental analysis is a critical pillar of consumer protection, especially for food afety. To ensure a reasonable cost benefit balance, high laboratory productivity and good quality of results, leading contract laboratories increasingly strive to automate their processes. An example is the determination of mineral oil residues in food, food packaging, and cosmetics.


Water analysis

Monitoring PFAS

Per- and polyfluorinated alkyl substances, or PFAS in short, are ever present and persistent in water. Some members of this huge substance class fall under the Drinking Water Directive. The analysis only requires a single milliliter of water and very little solvent - when online SPE is used.


From Green Beginnings to Green Results:

GERSTEL’s Journey towards Sustainability

In an era calling for corporations to step up and assume responsibility, GERSTEL emerges as a sustainability trailblazer within the analytical instruments business. The latest result of this long-term commitment is the successful implementation of an Environmental Management System (EMS) certified under DIN EN ISO 14001 standards.



In search of the fountain of youth: Compounds that keep us young and let us live healthier lifes

The biogenic polyamine spermidine has received a lot of attention since it was scientifically shown to slow down the aging process when taken in adequate quantities. Determining the spermidine levels in foodstuffs requires the right analysis strategy given that many have a highly complex matrix. Scientists at the Westphalian University in Recklinghausen, Germany have developed an efficient, fully automated method based on HPLC-TOF-MS to determine spermidine in the “superfood” Apilarnil.


Recent AppNotes

GERSTEL regularly publishes new application work, recent AppNotes are listed below.