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Material analysis: Amber, glue and polymers; Toxicology: Pain management drugs in urine; Flavor analysis: Rotundone in wine.

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In close cooperation with our users in industry, research institutes and government agencies, GERSTEL has developed numerous innovations in the fields of GC/MS- or LC/MS related instrumentation and their application to real world analytical work, in a word: Practical solutions.

Many of these innovations were the result of a request for a solution to a specific problem, including requests to automate sample preparation. Solutions for specific tasks have frequently proven useful in other application areas, sometimes unexpectedly, leading to entirely new standard products and solutions.

In recent decades, countless projects and cooperations between GERSTEL experts and laboratory analysts have been successfully completed. These cooperations generally proved fruitful for both sides by combining our technical and application know-how with the in-depth knowledge of the customer as to the products that need to be analyzed. At GERSTEL we strive to regularly surprise the world with innovations that offer significant added value and benefits to the GC/MS and LC/MS analyst.

When we develop new solutions today, we draw on a variety of resources that have grown and developed side by side under one roof leading to efficient communication and exchange. The R&D Department includes Technical Construction, Prototyping, as well as Electronics, Mechanical, and Software Development. Analytical Services, Customer Support, and Customer Training are equally important departments. The close cooperation within our organization is evident in the many articles on customer applications published in the GERSTEL Solutions Worldwide magazine and other magazines and journals over the past several years.

The GERSTEL product portfolio is mainly based on three pillars. One of them is Thermal Desorption (TD) used for solvent-free extraction and concentration of VOC and SVOC analytes from a range of matrices. If you can combine TD with an automated pyrolysis option, a whole new world of possibilities opens up, such as analysis of polymer material structures. You will find more on this key topic on the pages 6 to 14.

A further pillar and regular main topic in almost all our publications is automated sample preparation. This area offers the greatest optimization potential in almost all laboratories. With the MultiPurpose Sampler (MPS), we offer our customers a highly productive, efficient and flexible autosampler. The MPS is easily expanded and adapted to many different tasks using the available modules and options. In combination with GC-MS and LC-MS/MS systems we arrive at the third pillar: Customized solutions that match the customer requirements perfectly – we call them Sample Prep Solutions. If you are considering automating your sample preparation or have already made plans to do so, contact the experts at GERSTEL – the conversation will most probably prove useful for you.

With this, we would like to wish you much pleasure and enjoyment reading the latest GERSTEL Solutions worldwide Magazine No. 14, which will again provide glimpses of what GERSTEL technology and GERSTEL solutions offer the modern laboratory.

Enjoy the magazine!