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The SPExos option enables the automated online solid phase extraction using the MultiPurposeSampler MPS. Using the SPExos option, you can enrich and purify analytes from a sample and subsequently transfer the eluate directly into an LC/MS system. If needed, the SPExos option uses a new cartridge for each sample. Cartridge exchange is performed automatically. The option is especially suitable for the enrichment of mid-polar compounds from water samples. The system is controlled using the MAESTRO software.

Functional principle of the SPExos option

The MPS injects the sample into the SPExos. The SPExos contains a cartridge filled with adsorbent along the flow route taken by the sample. The sample is directed over the cartridge using a high-pressure syringe and is enriched on the cartridge and subsequently eluted. The eluate can be transferred directly into an LC system. The cartridge can undergo multiple conditioning steps before injection and multiple rinsing steps after loading. After elution has been performed, SPExos automatically exchanges the cartridge in the flow route. The change of the solvents required is also performed automatically using a valve switch.


The eluate is completely transferred to the LC column. This leads to low detection limits in the case of small samples. Compared to classical automated solid phase extraction, the cartridges used by the SPExos option are significantly smaller and contain a smaller quantity of adsorbent. As the cartridges are smaller, a smaller quantity of the sample and less solvent will be needed.


The SPExos option is available in 2 pressure variants for pressures up to 300 bar or up to 1000 bar. The variants are also available with 1 or 2 clamps. Using 2 clamps enables the individual sample preparation steps to be prepped ahead to save time.

Cartridges for the variants are available with a large number of commonly used adsorbents.