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For analysts that need pyrolysis with accurate results and flexibility in pyrolysis applications, the GERSTEL PYRO Core System is the most advanced pyrolyzer available.The PYRO Core System is ideal for the determination of targeted compounds, such as microplastics, or characterization of unknown samples with non-volatile components.

All operations are controlled through MAESTRO software integrated into Agilent GC-MS software. The PYRO Core System is backed by GERSTEL’s lifetime support to help you get the full scope of technical customer-oriented service for optimal operation in your laboratory.

Optimal for:

  • International standards for pyrolysis GC-MS, such as ISO 20593, ISO 17257, ISO 24187, and new international microplastics analysis standards
  • Analyzing unknown samples using a variety of pyrolysis techniques, including pulsed, fractionated, Smart Ramp, reactive modes, and multi shots

Unique Offerings

  • Only pyrolyzer that can calibrate temperature in the sample position using traceable thermocouples
  • Fast pulsed pyrolysis of samples
  • Smart Ramped pyrolysis
    - only one run for maximal information about unknown samples
  • Capacity for 120 samples: the most samples of any pyrolysis system, using the world’s most reliable robotic autosampler for GC
  • Small footprint: all mounted on top of GC
  • Integrates into Agilent GC software for simplified sample tracking and data archiving
  • Advanced dual platinum coil filament design provides even and reproducible pyrolysis temperatures
  • Simple ‘straight through’ design limits system contamination and carryover from complex pyrolysates


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