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The PEGS enables the automated sample introduction of samples from sealable gas sampling tubes or Tedlar® bags into a GC system. The system is characterized by its high reproducibility and clean operation. The system is controlled using the controls on the PEGS or via the MAESTRO software.

Functional principle of the PEGS

Up to 4 samples are located in gas sample containers on the PEGS. Before sample introduction, the lines and the sample loop are evacuated and rinsed. To perform sample introduction, the sample is equilibrated inside the sample loop under controlled pressure and then transferred to the column. After each sample is introduced, the system is evacuated and rinsed once again.


The PEGS enables gaseous samples to be introduced in a precise and reproducible way. The evacuation and rinsing steps between the individual samples reduce sample carryover to a minimum. Thanks to the MAESTRO software, controlling the system is simple and intuitive. In the MAESTRO software, you can save your parameters in methods and automatically process multiple samples one after another.


The capacity can be increased to accommodate up to 16 samples.