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MOSH/MOAH Data Analysis is a powerful software package for the evaluation of chromatograms produced during MOSH/MOAH analytics. The software integrates the humps using a special evaluation algorithm and provides quantitative results. Saddle peaks are subtracted during integration. The integration interval of interest can be modified manually at any time. The results are provided as a report in commonly used data formats, which makes the further processing of the results easy. The data is evaluated in batches to save time.

Functional principle of MOSH/MOAH Data Analysis

The chromatograms produced during MOSH/MOAH analysis are loaded into the software. In addition to chromatograms from Agilent® Technologies, chromatograms from other manufacturers can also be used. The hump typically encountered in MOSH/MOAH analytics is integrated using special evaluation algorithms and quantified by means of an internal standard. Saddle peaks on the humps relating to the natural components of the sample are also removed automatically by the software. The hump shape calculated by the software can be adjusted individually. The adjustment can either be applied to the hump as a whole or for the individual integration intervals. Once the data has been evaluated, the quantitative results will be presented in table form and the chromatograms will be presented in visual form. Using the software, you can ultimately generate reports in PDF, XLS or TXT format.


Using the software, chromatograms produced during MOSH/MOAH analysis are easy to evaluate. The software separates the saddle peaks from the hump and integrates the data automatically. The evaluation is quantitative and includes a quality check. You can designate the zones of interest yourself.