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MAESTRO LabFlow includes a large number of standard workflows. Your customized individual workflow can easily be included.

Introducing GERSTEL MAESTRO LabFlow 
Software: Revolutionizing Your Lab Workflow!

  • Centralized Control in Client-Server architecture: Enjoy the benefits of a client-server installation, empowering lab staff and management to operate and monitor systems centrally from any client.
  • Modern and appealing new User Interface: intuitive State-of-the-art software with many tools to revolutionize individual workflows directly in your browser.
  • Enhanced Integration of OpenLab 2: Seamless integration of OpenLab 2 Software for Workstation, providing an integrated method editor for streamlined processes.
  • Advanced MAESTRO LabFlow Scheduler: Optimize sample processing with parallel execution of multiple tasks, enhancing efficiency across all sequences simultaneously and automatically.
  • Easy Data Import: Effortlessly generate sequences by importing tables in Microsoft® Excel format simplifying workflow management.
  • Integrated Audit Trail: Comprehensive logging of all changes, ensuring traceability of method, sequence, and configuration modifications.
  • User-Centric Management: Tailored user roles on three levels and method protection with version control (draft, test, released) enable  optimized workflow flexibility and security.

Upgrade Your Lab Efficiency with MAESTRO LabFlow – 
Your Gateway to Next Level Lab Operations!

Is the MAESTRO LabFlow Software the best solution for me?

Which GERSTEL technique are you using?


LabWorks Basic System: Additional modules: Future Releases
  • Liquid lnjection
  • Large Volume lnjection
  • Headspace lnjection
  • Agitator 
  • Addition of Internal Standards
  • Derivatization
  • Stir Bar Sorptive Extraction SBSE (Twister®)
  • Direct Thermal Extraction of Solids
  • Thermal Desorption of Sorbent Tubes
  • Thermal Extraction of liquids in
    μ-Vials (ATEX) with TDU 2, TD 3.5+
  • mVap
  • quickMIX
  • Cooled Tray/Stack
  • SPE
  • ODP 4
  • SPME
  • µSPE
  • SPExos
  • Filtration
  • Centrifuge
  • Decapper
  • Balance
  • Barcode Reader  


Which softwares are integrated in MAESTRO LabFlow:

  • OpenLab
  • MassHunter

Which workflows are performed by MAESTRO LabFlow?

  • Material Emissions
  • Environmental: EU Water Framework Directive, Pesticides
  • Food & Flavor: Pesticides, Contaminants, Aromas 
  • Air Monitoring with TD 3.5+
  • Pharmaceutical: Residual Solvents (OVIs), Extractables & Leachables