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The GERSTEL LabWorks Platform is the only truly universal system for sample introduction for GC-MS. It provides unmatched capability and flexibility in solving your critical challenges.​

The basic platform provides 10 automated sample introduction techniques, there is no need to have a different instrument for each technique. Liquid, Headspace and Thermal Desorption are all included without the need for additional bench space.​

Automated Sample Introduction Techniques

  • Liquid lnjection
  • Large Volume lnjection
  • Headspace lnjection
  • Thermal Desorption (True TD) with TDU featuring True Trap technology
    • True Headspace Enrichment
    • Twister
    • TF-SPME
    • Direct Thermal Extraction
    • Adsorbent tubes
    • Liquid matrices using micro-vial

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