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The Fast Filtration option is an extension of the Filtration option. It enables the automated filtration of samples immediately before injection using the MultiPurposeSampler MPS. Using the Filtration option, you can remove unwanted particles from your samples. The option can be used with filters of different sizes and made from a variety of filter materials. This allows the option to be optimally adjusted in accordance with your sample preparation requirements. The system is controlled using the MAESTRO software. Within the software itself, all sample preparation steps can be prepped ahead to save time.

Functional principle of the Filtration option

Commercially available standard filters are fitted with transport adapters and cannulas. The MPS draws up the sample into a syringe, takes hold of a filter and empties the syringe through the filter into a clean 2-mL vial located in a special filtrate tray. The filtration step can be incorporated within the automated sample preparation process using the MPS immediately before injection. The filtrate can be injected directly from the vial.


Unwanted particles can be removed from the sample immediately before injection. This will increase the service life of the liner and the column. Performing filtration directly in the tray removes the need for additional transportation steps and allows filtration to be performed more quickly. The option can be flexibly adapted to your requirements using the variants available. Thanks to the MAESTRO software, controlling the system as a whole is simple and intuitive.


The Fast Filtration option can be used with commercially available standard filters of various sizes and made from different materials.