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The DNPH option is an extension of the Filtration option. It enables the elution of loaded Dinitrophenylhydrazine DNPH cartridges using the MultiPurposeSampler MPS. Elution is performed immediately before injection into an Liquid Chromatography LC system. The option is suitable for detecting carbonyl compounds in air samples. The system is controlled using the MAESTRO software.

Functional principle of the DNPH option

Before operating the DNPH option, air samples are directed over commercially available DNPH cartridges with Luer connections. The loaded cartridges are fitted with transport adapters and cannulas. To elute the derivatives, the MPS draws up solvent into a syringe, takes hold of a cartridge and injects the solvent into the cartridge. The eluate is collected in a clean vial and immediately injected into an LC system for analysis.


DNPH cartridges can be eluted fully automatically immediately before injection. This minimizes the changes to the eluate that may occur over time. Thanks to the MAESTRO software, controlling the system as a whole is simple and intuitive.


The DNPH option can be used with vials of different sizes.