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The Balance option allows checkweighing to be performed as part of the automatic sample preparation process using the MultiPurposeSampler MPS. Each vial can be weighed multiple times, thereby enabling differential masses to be determined. The system is controlled using the MAESTRO software. Within the software itself, all preparation steps can be prepped ahead to save time.

Functional principle of the Balance option

The MPS transports the sample to the balance and returns it to the tray after weighing has been performed. The weighing result is saved in a file and can undergo further processing using any current spreadsheet software. The weighing step can be incorporated at any point within the automatic sample preparation process using the MPS.


Checkweighing can be carried out during the automatic sample preparation process. Thanks to the MAESTRO software, controlling the system as a whole is simple and intuitive.


The Balance option is available for laboratory balances produced by Sartorius AG and Mettler-Toledo GmbH. The balances themselves must be fitted with a motorized wind protection facility.