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Achieve full automation of your Twister® workflow from sample to analysis report, eliminating manual steps and increasing efficiency.

Simplest possible process:

  1. Add your sample to a vial, seal it with a screw cap, and place it in the MultiPurpose Sampler MPS tray.
  2. The MPS inserts the designated AutoTwister rod into the sample.
  3. The vial is transferred to the quickMIX module for high-energy agitation and analyte extraction.
  4. Matrix residue is rinsed from the AutoTwister rod in the dedicated Wash & Dry  station.
  5. The AutoTwister rod is quickly dried through high speed rotation in clean and inert atmosphere in the drying station.
  6. The MPS transfers the AutoTwister Rod to the TDU 2 for thermal desorption and GC-MS analysis.

Approved performance that meets analysis requirements for:

  • Common beverages such as tea, beer, spirits, milk, and others
  • EU Water Framework Directive Standard Method DIN 27108

Test the AutoTwister performance with our Proof of Performance!
The results speak for themselves, AutoTwister has demonstrated:

  • Superior sensitivity
  • Excellent analyte recovery
  • Clean blanks after each run
  • Reduced background for improved Limits of Quantitation

Enhanced Features:

  •  quickMIX 2 is available with cooling and heating for accurate temperature control during extraction
  • The GERSTEL Wash & Dry station improves overall efficiency and sustainability, eliminating potential analyte loss from purge gas drying and minimizing water usage.

Experience fully automated SBSE / Twister® workflows with the GERSTEL AutoTwister. Contact GERSTEL today to learn more about upgrading your laboratory!