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Aroma Office is a comprehensive database for the identification of aromatic/flavor components. It contains information concerning the retention indices (RI) of more than 10,000 components and consists of more than 116,000 entries. Its Aroma Search functionality makes Aroma Office a powerful, fully automatic screening tool.

Functional principle of Aroma Office

The spectra from the gas chromatography analysis are purified using deconvolution algorithms and compared to the RI information in the database. The relevant parameters can be set individually. The results can be refined further using the Aroma Search functionality.


With Aroma Office, you can match your GC/MS data against an extensive database. Matching is performed fully automatically. The rules can be refined in line with your requirements. You can use Aroma Office either on a stand-alone basis or in conjunction with a GC-MS software package from Agilent® Technologies.