GERSTEL Sequence by Barcode offers an easier way: Just place your samples in the MultiPurpose Sampler (MPS) tray and let the Sample ID (SID) Barcode Reader option identify them. MAESTRO with Sequence by Barcode option then assigns the pre-defined analysis method in the LIMS system to each sample, generates the analysis sequence table, and runs the complete batch. After completing the sequence, the system checks for newly added samples and processes those as well. The operator just needs to place the barcode labelled vials into the autosampler tray. Sequence by Barcode is available for automated Sample Preparation, for Liquid-, Headspace-, and SPME sample introduction, as well as for Thermal Desorption analysis.

Two operation modes are available, selected by simply checking a box:
Sample by Sample Mode for full flexibility:
  • Samples are scanned in the barcode reader and analyzed immediately using the assigned method that is stored in the LIMS system. This analysis mode offers maximum flexibility; additional samples, or priority samples, can be added at any time.
Batch Mode for highest efficiency and throughput:
  • All samples are scanned and the complete sequence table is generated before the analysis is started. Batch Mode offers optimized parallel processing of sample preparation and analysis (PrepAhead). This means that the next sample is always ready to be introduced whenever the analysis system becomes ready. One or more batches of samples can be processed using individually assigned and optimized methods for each sample type. Upon finishing the analysis sequence, the system checks for newly added samples.

Quality Control (QC) options in MAESTRO include sample logging and sample ID transfer to the data file and file name. As part of routine QC operation, triggers can be set to perform solvent injection(s) after a user-defined number of samples, to validate absence of system contamination. This can be followed by injection of one or more check standards or a system recalibration.

Multiple options are available for sample verification and handling of deviations. The software can be locked to rule out unauthorized changes, for example, in a Production QC environment. Data import and export functions enable LIMS or Data Base synchronization.

Sequence by Barcode: Load your samples onto the tray – done!