Determining mycotoxin concentrations at trace levels in the presence of complex food or animal feedstuff matrix can be challenging. Getting good accuracy, precision, and reproducibility of the analytical results depends on successfully optimizing every step from Sample Preparation and -Introduction to the LC-Separation and MS/MS determination.

The GERSTEL MultiPurpose Sampler (MPS robotic) automates clean-up and introduction to LC-MS/MS of extracts of complex samples. Even the liquid extraction can be performed by the MPS, in that case adding solvents followed by vigorous agitation and heating as needed. Solvent evaporation is performed as a concentration step, or for solvent change between different stages in the process, combined with extract clean-up by Filtration, as specified, for example, in the DIN EN 17194(1) method for analysis of animal feedstuff or in method DIN EN 17279(2) for screening of foodstuffs. Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) based on replaceable cartridges followed by sample introduction to the LC-MS/MS system can be performed by the MPS including comprehensive rinse options to eliminate sample to sample carry-over. The MPS modules associated with these techniques can be added at any time and combined to meet the exact customer requirements.

The GERSTEL MPS can automate your manually performed sample preparation methods, typically resulting in a miniaturization of the process in terms of sample and solvent amounts used. This leads to significant savings in the purchase and disposal of solvents, improved occupational hygiene in the laboratory, and reduced environmental impact.