Metabolomic studies focus on the analysis of small molecules (MW<2000) in biological matrices from micro-organisms, plants, animals and human origin. Large batches of samples have to be analyzed to allow for statistical differentiation between the sample types. The reproducibility of the entire analytical workflow, in particular sample preparation, is extremely important in achieving such a differentiation.

A wide range of sample preparation steps can be automated for metabolomic analysis with a GERSTEL Multi Purpose Sampler (MPS). This includes the usual handling steps for liquid samples such as dosing, agitation, tempering and derivatization along with weighing, centrifuging or ultrasound options as well as filtration and extraction techniques.

This is all controlled by the GERSTEL Maestro software that also further increases productivity by overlapping the processing of the samples. Reading and processing barcodes makes the process more convenient and safe.

In addition, the liner exchange can also be conveniently automated with the GERSTEL Automated Liner Exchange System (ALEX) and tasks can also be taken over by the GERSTEL Cooled Injection System (CIS).