The GERSTEL MOSH MOAH SamplePrepSolution performs fully automated sample preparation and sample introduction combined with determination of mineral oil residues in extracts of food, body care products and packaging in only 30 minutes. The integrated software is intuitively operated and it enables simple and efficient data processing both for individual samples and in batch processing mode, including user-defined data reporting.

The GERSTEL MOSH MOAH SamplePrepSolution is based on an online-coupled HPLC-GC-FID system using the GERSTEL MultiPurpose Sampler (MPS robotic) for automated sample preparation and introduction. In the initial LC step, mineral oil residue is separated into two fractions: Mineral oil saturated hydrocarbons (MOSH) and mineral oil aromatic hydrocarbons (MOAH). These fractions are subsequently transferred to two separate GC columns for individual GC analysis in a combined dual channel GC analysis.

The solution meets the requirements of the DIN EN 16995:2017-08 standard method. LC- and GC chromatograms are displayed in real time to facilitate method development or adjustments to a system, for example, to optimize the switching times for the MOSH and MOAH fractions. The MOSH MOAH system is modular and is easily extended to perform additional widely used sample preparation steps such as Epoxidation to remove interfering natural olefins and ALOX cleanup to remove long chain n-paraffins.

Fast and reliable results based on efficient automation and intuitively operated software.
  • Determination of MOSH and MOAH in 30 minutes
  • Method development and -optimization by mouse click
  • Integrated control of all method parameters, including LC, in one intuitive user interface
  • Unique parallel column set-up for easy access to all parts of the GC oven and easiest possible maintenance
  • Flexible adaptation to individual requirements or changing needs
  • Modular extension of sample preparation steps such as epoxidation or ALOX cleanup
  • Efficient data processing and reporting of MOSH MOAH data - even from other analysis systems – using the GERSTEL Enterprise Edition software with MOSH MOAH plugin.
  • Simple customization of reports to match individual needs
  • Highly experienced application support
GERSTEL Enterprise Edition Software with MOSH MOAH PlugIn

The analysis of food, packaging and consumer products for mineral oil hydrocarbon residues (MOSH MOAH) produces complex chromatograms that must be processed using standardized methods. The GERSTEL Enterprise Edition with MOSH MOAH PlugIn processes chromatograms batch-wise while meeting standard method requirement independent of the system used to generate the data. Batch re-processing under changed method parameters requires only a couple of clicks.