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Metabolomics: Automated Sample Preparation for Lipidomics; Forensic Science and Toxicology: Automated determination of THC, CBN and CBD in human hair; Flavor, Fragrance, and Odor Analysis: A new Twist- Free acids and phenols.

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The task may be to monitor food safety by determining individual identities and amounts of various chemical compounds in food or beverages; or to analyze blood, urine or hair for residues of drugs and pharmaceutical compounds; or even to determine the type and amount of microplastic particles in environmental samples. In chemical analysis as in competitive sports, the credo is maximum efficiency, highest productivity and sustainable use of available resources.

Analytical laboratories that want to meet and exceed current and future requirements should turn to simple-to-use, reliable automation, ideally requiring only minimal amounts of sample and solvent to reach low limits of detection.

GERSTEL is among the leading providers of automation for GC/MS and LC/MS, specializing in sample preparation and -introduction among other things. GERSTEL solutions are used in a broad range of application areas. If you are considering automating parts of your laboratory work, or if you are looking for an autosampler, the article „Looking for Automation?“ on page 11 offers valuable tips and insights on what to look for.

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