Supplies Catalogues

 Consumables, spare parts and accessories

GERSTEL offers the right spare parts and consumables for every module and accessory we produce. Please use only certified consumables, accessories and spare parts provided by GERSTEL. All GERSTEL products are made to exact specifications. Use of parts that are not approved by GERSTEL can cause system malfunction or damage and may void the warranty.

Our growing online supplies catalogue is already available for some important product families:



Disposable Pipette EXtraction DPX
Dynamic HeadSpace DHS
Cooled Injection System CIS
        AutomatedLinerEXchange ALEX
Solid Phase Extraction SPE

Bekolut SPE cartridges

MultiPurpose Sampler MPS for GC and GC/MS
MultiPurpose Sampler MPS for LC & LC/MS
MPS robotic / roboticpro and MPS liquid
Olfactory Detection Port ODP
Preparative Fraction Collector PFC
Online SPE system with replaceable SPE cartridges SPExos
Thermal Desorption System TDS 
        TDS-A Autosampler
        Pyrolysis Module PM
        Thermal Extractor TE
        Tube Conditioner TC
Thermal Desorption Unit TDU  
Thermal Desorber TD 3.5+  

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. The most efficient way is to reach us is by calling our local office or representative in your territory or by sending an e-mail to