Evaporative concentration in the GERSTEL SPE

After removing unwanted sample material and transferring the clean extract to the collection vial during the SPE process, the GERSTEL SPE can further perform an evaporative concentration step if needed.

The eluate can be concentrated inside the collection vial while in the SPE station. A controlled flow of inert gas is allowed to purge the vial while keeping it at a user-defined temperature for best possible results. The vial can be agitated at a user-defined rate to speed up the evaporation process. A keeper solvent can be added automatically before, during or after evaporation in order to minimize loss of analytes or in order to change over to an LC- or GC-compatible solvent for the ensuing analysis. This enables complete automation of sample preparation and sample introduction even if the SPE eluent is not compatible with the LC- or GC column or analysis conditions. 

Your benefits:
  • Lower detection limits are achieved by adding an automated concentration step
  • Accurate quantification ensured by applying highly controlled conditions
  • Simple change-over between eluent and GC- or LC-compatible solvent enables the use of optimal SPE conditions without compromising the quality of separation and analyte detection.  
  • Best possible throughput and system utilization through full automation