Automated Solid Phase Extraction SPE

Easy transfer of your established manual methods

The GERSTEL SPE is based on standard 1 mL, 3 mL, and 6 mL SPE cartridges fitted with transport adapters. Standard cartridges pre-mounted with transport adapters are readily available from several leading suppliers. Manual SPE methods can be directly transferred to the MPS and automated.

High throughput

Analysis of up to 98 samples including sample preparation using standard SPE cartridges.


All sample preparation steps are performed during GC/MS or LC/MS analysis of the preceding sample for highest productivity and system utilization.

Optimized timing for each and every sample

All samples receive identical treatment for best reproducibility. Sample introduction to the GC/MS or LC/MS system follows immediately after sample preparation.

Highly controlled analysis conditions

Defined volumes and constant flow rates provide highly reproducible conditions and optimal results independent of variations in sample matrix.

Internal Standard Addition

Automated liquid standard addition provides improved Quality Assurance.

Contamination free

Transfer of eluent from the SPE cartridge to the sealed sample vial is performed using a disposable syringe needle, eliminating the risk of carry over.

Simple concept, highly rugged and efficient

Conditioning, extraction and elution of the cartridge is performed in one dedicated module with minimal movement of the cartridge ensuring highest efficiency and ruggedness.


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