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Next generation software for automated sample preparation and sample introduction. MAESTRO optimizes performance and throughput of GERSTEL modules and systems, fully integrated with GC/MS and LC/MS software.

Olfactory Data Interpreter (ODI)

Fast and reliable evaluation of olfactory information combined with MS and NIST library data, Retention Index (RI) and Retention Time (RT) to identify and assess odor-active compounds. The combined information is presented in a clear and concise overview in graphic and tabular form. Includes Cumulative Olfactogram Presentation, Aroma Extract Dilution Analysis (AEDA), Flavor Dilution (FD), Detection Frequency, and Multivariate Data Analysis (PCA).


The GERSTEL ChemSensor is a headspace/mass spectrometer system that seamlessly combines rapid data collection with multivariate pattern recognition to provide reliable, routine qualitative analysis and classification of samples. GERSTEL ChemSensor is based on chemometric software by Infometrix.