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Next generation software for automated sample preparation and sample introduction. MAESTRO optimizes performance and throughput of GERSTEL modules and systems, fully integrated with GC/MS and LC/MS software.

Olfactory Data Interpreter (ODI)

Fast and reliable evaluation of olfactory information combined with MS and NIST library data, Retention Index (RI) and Retention Time (RT) to identify and assess odor-active compounds. The combined information is presented in a clear and concise overview in graphic and tabular form. Includes Cumulative Olfactogram Presentation, Aroma Extract Dilution Analysis (AEDA), Flavor Dilution (FD), Detection Frequency, and Multivariate Data Analysis (PCA).

ChromIdent® Pyro Edition software

Efficient determination of even minor amounts of polymer material and other compounds in complex samples through intelligent matching with a library or database. Only a subset of complex samples in the library data is required to achieve a high rate of success. One example is the determination of microplastics in environmental samples using Thermal Extraction Desorption (TED)-GC/MS or PYRO.