Improving Performance, Efficiency and Productivity of your laboratory

The requirements and challenges faced by modern laboratories are daunting: Regulations constantly demand improved limits of quantitation along with traceable integrated work flows while, for example, in QA/QC, answers are needed ever  faster. And on top, the highest achievable level of quality, accuracy and diligence is expected as a matter of course. GERSTEL provides answers to these pressing needs in terms of automation of Sample Preparation and Introduction for GC/MS and LC/MS as well as for Thermal Desorption-GC/MS.

In many cases, samples need to be prepared for analysis before being introduced to the analysis instrument. When performed manually, the tasks involved can be both labor intensive and tedious, even involving increased risk of exposure to potentially toxic solvents. Automating such workflows improves productivity, and in many cases enables miniaturization, resulting in reduced solvent use, cost savings and improved occupational safety.

Reliable automation of your sample preparation workflow enables unattended 24/7 operation adapted to the needs of your analytical laboratory. If needed, samples can be stored cool while waiting to be prepared just in time for analysis. This means that analyte degradation can be eliminated while ensuring that all samples are treated exactly the same way for best possible accuracy and precisions.

Our analysis systems reliably produce results over many years. But what if the requirements of the laboratory change? The modular GERSTEL systems are highly flexible, which means that they are easily adapted to changing needs. The large portfolio of modules and automated accessories ensure that your system is easily adapted to new tasks making a GERSTEL system a rock solid investment.

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