30. April 2012

GERSTEL Solutions worldwide magazine No. 12

We invite you to go on a voyage to laboratories across the globe that use GERSTEL solutions in their daily work, focusing on the application.

In the 12th issue of GERSTEL Solutions Worldwide magazine, we invite you to go on a voyage to laboratories across the globe that use GERSTEL solutions. We want to bring you a breath of fresh air in a number of ways: GERSTEL technologies such as the Twister, thermal desorption, and DHS are used to extract and concentrate analytes without relying on the use of toxic solvents. Even if you cannot completely eliminate the use of solvents, you can still reduce the amount used: The GERSTEL MPS automates
sample preparation and generates calibration standards in the μL-scale. This means that laboratory staff is less exposed to potentially toxic solvents and productivity is improved. The articles in the magazine provide several examples across a range of applications.

And how about the air we breathe in homes, offices, and cars? This is where most of us spend 80-90 % of our lives, increasingly surrounded with materials, such as flooring, that can emit VOCs and SVOCs. Fortunately there are rules and regulations in place that help keep unsafe products out of homes, offices, and automobiles. The GERSTEL TDS and Thermal Extractor are used to test materials to ensure that they can safely be used. The TDS even extracted the facts about what causes the famed fairy circles in the Namib desert as we report in this magazine.

Last, but not least, foods, beverages, and consumer products must be safe and should have a pleasant smell. Producers now have new possibilities for extracting, separating and concentrating annoying offflavors – even from complex samples – to sniff out the source and put a smile on everyone’s face again.


Enjoy the magazine!


GERSTEL Solutions Worldwide No. 12 (pdf; 4,77 MB)