New AppNote: Determination of Fat in Food according the Caviezel method

The GERSTEL Fat Analyzer allows simple, fast and reliable determination of saponifiable fat and free fatty acid content in food and feed using the Caviezel method.


Fat determination is one of the key analyses performed in food industry and in public food monitoring programs in order to control production processes, to ensure accurate labelling, and to monitor food safety. Therefore, a fast and reliable procedure for routine determination of fat is in great demand. Using the Cavieziel® Method, based on the fat defi nition given by the FDA, sample extraction and saponifi cation are performed in one step, followed by gaschromatographic analysis of the resulting free fatty acids.

This sample preparation method was developed to enable higher sample throughput for routine fat determination without sacrificing data quality. The total extraction time of 4 samples in parallel was reduced to 30 minutes. A predefined GC method now allows the fully automated subsequent determination of total fat content, individual fatty acids and their sum parameters, as well as butyric acid/milk fat – in one single GC run.

Simple, Fast and Reliable Determination of Fat in Food According to the Caviezel® Method using a Turnkey Fat Determination System