01. April 2009

Focus on Food Analysis - GERSTEL Solutions worldwide Magazine No. 9

The headline clearly states it: The main topic in the newly published GERSTEL Solutions Worldwide (GSW) magazine No. 9 is food analysis.

 Several other subjects are of course covered as well and, apart from foods, fats are used in a variety of other products. Articles in the magazine describe solutions for the determination of fats in foods; fatty acid profiles in foods and pharmaceutical packaging; and rancidity of oils. We report on a GERSTEL-Büchi collaboration that has resulted in a new fat analysis system based on the patented Caviezel method. Further, we are reporting on the newly automated Disposable Pipette EXtraction (DPX) technique, that enables highly efficient determination of drugs of abuse or other drug residues in blood and urine. Automated DPX is a product highlight at PittCon 2009 where it is being presented by GERSTEL. Further, GERSTEL is celebrating 25 years of excellence in PTV-Type universal GC inlets. The GERSTEL Cooled Injection System (CIS) was introduced just over 25 years ago and it is the most widely sold PTV-type inlet in the world. Thanks to continuous developments, the CIS continues to serve up pleasant surprises as can be seen in the magazine: Polymers in suspension are pyrolyzed using the high-temperature version CIS 6. Last, but not least, GERSTEL, Inc. President Robert J. Collins, Ph.D. describes how the company has developed over the past 15 years since it was founded and how the new expanded company headquarters will provide benefits to GERSTEL users is the U.S.
Enjoy the magazine!