New Forensic Toxicology method on THC-COOH & Co. in Hair at TIAFT 2018

The TIAFT 2018 GERSTEL Newsletter includes information on a newly published journal article on automated determination of THC-COOH and related compounds in hair.

Over the past several years, GERSTEL has worked with users in forensic toxicology laboratories to fully automate existing manual or semi-automated analysis methods for the determination of drugs and metabolites in body fluids and tissue. In several labs, the focus was on the determination of THC and its metabolites. Many projects resulted not only in methods that were of practical use, but also in scientific publications. This Forensic Toxicology Newsletter TIAFT 2018 newsletter offers you an overview of completed projects and a preview of ongoing projects. In addition, we offer references to journal articles and recommended reading for Forensic Toxicology and the related Doping analysis. A few further techniques are revealed that may be of interest to you. We hope to stir your interest and would welcome the chance to discuss your automation and sample preparation needs with you.

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