06. Juli 2018

EU-WFD analysis of water with sediment, without CH2Cl2, AppNote 196

Highly sensitive determination of around 100 contaminants in only 100 mL surface water, including sediment-adsorbed compounds, following the EU Water Framework Directive (WFD) (2013/39/EU).
The latest GERSTEL Application Note AppNote 196 features highly sensitive determination of around 100 contaminants in surface water in the concentration range from low double-digit to low triple-digit pg/L. Priority compounds from the EU water framework directive (EU-WFD) as well as substances cited in other legislation are included. A sequential stir bar sorptive extraction (SBSE) approach employing the GERSTEL Twister is used for analyte enrichment from 100 mL water samples including sediment adsorbed compounds. The Twisters are thermally desorbed for a comprehensive single GC-MS/MS run per sample utilizing an Agilent 7010 TripleQuad MS with High Efficiency Source (HES). The analysis method has been comprehensively validated and requirements of the EU-WFD for inland surface water were fulfilled.