21. Juni 2018

Sequence by Barcode: Generating sequence tables from sample barcodes

Who wouldn’t love to have this feature: Generating sequence tables quickly and conveniently without effort. This is exactly what the option Sequence by Barcode on the GERSTEL MPS does.
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New automation efficiency and QC options have been integrated into the MAESTRO software using the GERSTEL Sample ID (SID) Barcode reader. In addition to sample logging and sample ID transfer to the data file and file name, SID enables automated analysis by predefined methods as well as automated generation of sequence tables. Single sample mode or Batch Analysis Mode is selected by mouse-click. Trigger vials can be introduced at user defined intervals, for example, to activate solvent injection(s) for system background checks followed by one or more check standard runs as part of the QC routine operation. Trigger functions are performed without taking up multiple sample positions in the tray enabling a higher overall analysis throughput while ensuring adherence to set quality control requirements. Multiple options are available for sample verification and the handling of deviations and the software can be locked to rule out unauthorized changes, for example, in a Production QC environment. Data import and export functions enable LIMS or Data Base synchronization.