19. März 2015

New AppNote: LC/MS-Determination of glycosides in plant material

The automated workflow includes ultrasonic extraction of plant material and two filtration steps for subsequent LC/QTOF determination of glycosides


Automated sample preparation was developed for the extraction of glycosides from plant material using the Gerstel MPS Dual Head WorkStation. Ultrasonic extraction was performed on the plant material, and the extract was prepared for subsequent analysis by two filtration steps. To prevent blockage of the 1.0 mL syringe used for extract transfer, individual 17 μm stainless steel screen filters placed in the sample vials were utilized. Due to the nature of the sample, an additional filtration step using a 0.45 μm syringe filter was required before injection to the LC-MS instrument. Excellent reproducibility was obtained.


Automated Ultrasonic Extraction of a Plant Material Using the Gerstel MPS Dual Head WorkStation