04. Juli 2013

GERSTEL Solutions worldwide magazine No. 13

We invite you to go on a voyage to laboratories across the globe that use GERSTEL solutions in their daily work, focusing on the application.

GERSTEL Solutions Worldwide Magazine No. 13 deals with several themes of general interest and of more specific interest to professionals in the modern analytical chemical laboratory.

The cover story “Speaking of Glyphosate” goes to the core of the controversial discussion about the use of herbicides and pesticides, highlighting the use and analysis of Glyphosate, probably the most widely used herbicide in the world and its main metabolite AMPA. Breakdown of Glyphosate in the environment and in foods may not be happening quite as quickly as expected. A new fully automated system for liquid- and SPE sample preparation and LC-MS/MS determination of Glyphosate and AMPA is described, which enables more efficient and highly sensitive monitoring.

“De-iced, but not de-contaminated” describes the determination of benzotriazoles - anti- corrosion agents used in airplane de-icing fluids and much more widely in dishwasher detergents, hydraulic fluids and other products that are in contact with metal surfaces, where corrosion is a potential issue. Benzotriazoles are typically not removed in waste water treatment plants and are therefore found in the environment and, potentially, in seafood. Automated SPE clean-up and LC-MS/MS determination enables efficient monitoring.

The article “Cutting-Edge determination of PAHs in edible oils” shows how cooperation between an instrument manufacturer and a contract laboratory can lead to advances in routine analysis in terms of both productivity and of reducing environmental impact while saving cost and meeting the requirements of recently  changed EU regulations. A GPC-based analysis method for the determination of PAHs in edible oils was successfully transferred to SPE and automated using the GERSTEL SPE integrated with a GC-MS system. Scientists at Eurofins worked with scientists and engineers from GERSTEL in carefully calibrated steps to ensure the success of the project.

Not every contamination is forced upon the “unwitting consumer”: Long after the smoke has dissipated, THC, the active compound in cannabis, and its metabolites may linger in your system making operation of a vehicle a dangerous undertaking. This is routinely tested in the blood of drivers whom the police suspect of being under the influence. In cooperation with a Department of Forensic Medicine, GERSTEL has helped to develop a fully automated solution for the determination of THC and its metabolites THC-OH and THC-COOH in serum using GC/MS. Results show equivalence with methods based on manual sample preparation with improvements in reproducibility and efficiency and a reduction in the sample and solvent volumes required.  

VOCs & SVOCs on the HIT-List
Application experts of GERSTEL K.K. in Japan pondered how volatile compounds could be determined even more efficiently, i.e. more sensitively, using Headspace analysis techniques. The answer was only a mouse-click away.......

All this along with news on hardware and software features and capabilities can be found in the GERSTEL Solutions Worldwide magazine No. 13 – right here on the GERSTEL website.

Enjoy the magazine!