21. Juli 2011

Article in the press: Profiling whiskey using static and dynamic headspace

Efficient flavor profiling of beverages that contain involatile matrix using Headspace and Dynamic Headspace (DHS) coupled with GC/MS analysis

Direct injection for gas chromatographic profiling of alcoholic beverages is usually preferable, but when these contain significant amounts of non-volatile material, pre-treatment is typically required to avoid both inlet and column contamination. This consideration applies in particular to products aged for extended periods in wooden barrels and especially products containing added sugar, as volatile artifacts from sugar decomposition in the hot injection port can also complicate the chromatogram.

In this article a combination of static and dynamic headspace analysis is described for routine profiling of both abundant and trace compounds in alcoholic beverages containing dry extract. Both techniques are performed using one combined analytical instrument and for both techniques the only sample preparation required is dilution of the sample in a headspace vial.


K. McNamara; K. Petersen; The Column 7(13), 2-9 (2011).
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