Multi Column Switching MCS

The most advanced column switching system available, providing unsurpassed flexibility for gas chromatographic analysis.

The multidimensional heartcutting chromatography system from GERSTEL finally does away with the complexity and operational difficulties of the past. The system is based on advanced electronic pneumatic control EPC and GERSTEL GRAPHPACK technology allowing unprecedented ease of use and reproducibility. All aspects of system operation are controlled through GERSTEL Maestro software, no complicated pressure balancing or cut table definitions are required. No other system can analyze complex samples this easily.  
  • Independent flow control of pre-column and analytical column.
  • Integrated Cold Trap System
  • Pressure- and flow programming using EPC pneumatic systems.
  • Easily installed in new or existing GC systems.
  • Convenient MAESTRO software control
  • On-line clean up using a combination of columns with different inside diameter and film thickness.
  • Optimum GC separation, even when combining capillary columns of widely differing diameter, flow and length.
  • All Dual Column Switching  DCS applications.