MFX solution: MPS autosampler, MFX option and Agilent Technologies GC 7890 + MSD
GERSTEL MPS autosampler with MFX option
on Agilent Technologies GC 7890B + MSD

SPME Multi Fiber EXchange MFX

Solid Phase Micro Extraction (SPME) is a widely used technique for extraction and concentration of VOCs and SVOCs combined with GC/MS. SPME is especially useful in the food, flavor and beverage industries and for environmental monitoring.

The GERSTEL Multi Fiber Exchanger MFX is a unique automated fiber exchange option for the GERSTEL MultiPurpose Sampler (MPS). MFX enables automated SPME analysis of samples using different fibers in one automated sequence, covering a wide range of fiber and analyte polarities. MFX is an excellent tool to speed up method development, the efficiency of different fibers can be tried automatically. With MFX you can extract the maximum amount of information. SPME Multi-Fiber stations are available for three fibers or for 25 fibers.

Ready-to-use SPME Fast Fit Fiber Assemblies (FFA) for the GERSTEL MFX system can be purchased directly from Sigma-Aldrich / Supelco.

GERSTEL Multi Fiber EXchange offers:
  • SPME fiber exchange in regular intervals for automated SPME analysis over-night and during the weekend 
  • Fast and flexible SPME method development
  • Automated processing of SPME fibers used for passive sampling 
  • Extraction of samples using different SPME phases for analyte polarity range enhancement
  • Multi-method sequences using different SPME phases for maximum flexibility
  • Mechanical stress during fiber exchange is minimized for extended fiber life