MPS Autosampler for GC/MS with Dynamic Headspace DHS option
MPS XL with DHS option on Agilent
Technologies GC 7890B + 7010 Triple Quad MS

MultiPurpose Sampler MPS
for GC and GC/MS

The MPS is a multifunctional autosampler and sample preparation robot for GC and GC/MS. The MPS provides modern analytical laboratories high throughput, high performance and unparalleled flexibility.

The MPS easily adapts to changing demands in the laboratory. A large number of modules and sample preparation technologies are available for the MPS.

The following techniques are easily automated using the MPS:

The MPS is easily and conveniently controlled from the GERSTEL MAESTRO Software - stand-alone or integrated with the Agilent Technologies ChemStation:

  • Just One method and one sequence table controls the entire system
  • Sample preparation is performed during GC analysis of the preceding sample ensuring highest possible throughput and system utilization
  • Sample Prep by mouse-click