MPS DualRails Prepstation as standalone variant
MPS standalone Dual Head WorkStation
MPS DualRail PrepStation mounted on Agilent Technologies GC 7890 + MSD
MPS robotic Dual head for GC/MS

MPS Dual Head

Maximize your possibilities

For GC (GC/MS), LC (LC/MS) or standalone operation the MPS Dual Head Versions maximize your analytical possibilities. With an additional tower the MPS robotic can handle two or more different syringes simultaneously.


The MPS Dual head offers:
  • Adding standards or derivatizing agents to SPME or headspace samples without manual intervention
  • Automated Disposable Pipette Extraction DPX followed by LC (LC/MS) or GC (GC/MS) injection
  • LC injection and fraction collection


Sample preparation steps are performed in a controlled and highly accurate and reproducible manner for best possible results. Every step is selected by mouse-click form a pull-down menu in the GERSTEL MAESTRO software and added to the overall GC/MS or LC/MS method.