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mVORX MAESTRO Screenshots
mVORX method, PrepBuilder and Scheduler screenshot of the MAESTRO software


Vortex- and Orbital shaker for the MultiPurpose Sampler (MPS)

mVORX is a highly efficient vortex mixer and orbital shaker for the GERSTEL MultiPurpose Sampler (MPS). mVORX enables efficient simultaneous mixing of up to 8 samples depending on the vial size used. The mVORX orbital motion is provided by a precise linear, direct drive motor enabling finely-tuned operation. The mixing movements are well isolated in the horizontal plane, allowing even the most sensitive samples to be mixed efficiently without over agitation or wetting the vial cap (avoiding possible contamination). mVORX provides highly efficient mixing, homogenization and liquid/liquid extraction.

mVORX can be combined with a wide variety of sample preparation and clean-up techniques such as SPE, dispersive SPE (DPX), centrifugation, evaporation or filtration with the significant benefit of automated injection of the sample into a GC/MS or LC/MS system. Every step is controlled by mouse-click using the MAESTRO software. Just one sequence table and - depending on the system - one method is needed for the entire process including GC/MS or LC/MS analysis.


mVORX features and benefits

Planar, programmable orbital agitation movements
from 200 to 3000 min-1
  • Faster sample preparation, more efficient extraction
  • Reliable and reproducible results through efficient homogenization of samples
  • Efficient dissolution of solid samples
Vortex mixing in combination with all sample preparation techniques
Accepts different methods and vial sizes 
  • For up to 8 x 2 mL; 2 x 4 mL; or 1 x 10 mL vials
  • One flexible unit performs all vortexing and shaking tasks without reconfiguration
  • Easy to use, different vial sizes fit directly in the holder
Vortex is performed as part of the automated sample prep sequence
  • Saves time, replaces cumbersome and potentially error prone manual steps
  • Reliable and reproducible results, all samples are treated in exactly the same manner
Intuitive control by mouse-click using MAESTRO Software
  • Vortexing performed using MAESTRO PrepLets as part of the analysis method: Less risk of error
  • Integrated control of complete process including all sample preparation steps and GC/MS or LC/MS analysis 
  • Only one sequence table required 
  • MAESTRO integration provides single method control
  • Interfaces with major chromatography vendors’ software packages