Dynamic Load and Wash: Near zero carryover and fast injection cycles for LC/MS systemsIntegrated MAESTRO Software MPS Autosampler for LC/MS sample introduction

Sample Introduction for LC & LC/MS

GERSTEL MultiPurpose Sampler MPS

The MultiPurpose Sampler MPS is a multifunctional autosampler for sample preparation and sample introduction that combines with high throughput and high performance with ease of use for modern HPLC laboratory analysis.

The LC/MS Tool and the Fast Wash Modules for the MPS robotic Autosampler enable the reduction sample to sample carry over to an absolute minimum for optimal LC/MS sample introduction. The Limits of Determination and speed of your LC/MS analysis are improved in a rugged and reliable way.

In combination with GERSTEL MAESTRO Software control, the MPS provides more performance, and higher productivity and throughput by performing overlapping sample preparation and analysis. Samples can be stored cooled or heated as needed while waiting to be analyzed and a wide range of automated sample preparation techniques are at your disposal.