Headspace ChemSensor System

The Headspace ChemSensor System consists of a headspace autosampler (GERSTEL MPS 2) and an Agilent Technologies GC/MS system. This system is highly flexible and can be used for both GC/MS and ChemSensor applications. This is particularly useful in an R&D environment. This system is ideal for developing quality assurance methods. When "out of spec" samples are encountered the combination of the Sensor with a GC allows fast trouble shooting since the system can be easily switched between ChemSensor and GC/MS modes. Existing GC/MS systems can be upgraded to a GERSTEL Headspace ChemSensor System.

  • A graphical interface that makes the Headspace chemical sensor amazingly simple to use.
  • GERSTEL control software and pattern recognition and custom reporting software Pirouette® from Infometrix® .
  • High-performance personal computer.
  • GERSTEL MPS 2 Headspace Sampler. 
  • Mass sensor array using proven quadrupole technology.