GRAPHPACK 2M connection technology
GRAPHPACK 2M connection technology
GRAPHPACK 3D/2 connection technology
GRAPHPACK 3D/2 connection technology
GRAPHPACK® is a registered
trademark of GERSTEL
GmbH & Co. KG


GERSTEL GRAPHPACK technology was designed to provide leak-free, low dead volume, inert connections quickly and reliably for any type of connection used for gas chromatography. The same technology is used for inlet and detector connections as well as for column connections (with or without make-up gas) and multiple column splitters. GRAPHPACK fittings exist for almost all GC inlets and detectors, so a laboratory with multiple brands of GCs can use the same ferrules, adapters, and nut for all connections needs.

The central component of the technology is the ferrule which consists of a metal jacketed cylindrical graphite wafer. This ferrule has a precision hole drilled through it that is matched with the column outside diameter. This provides a low dead volume connection that is also self centering – a feature that is extremely important for single and dual column connection to a GC inlet.

GRAPHPACK 2M connection technology

For the rapid and economical connection of capillary columns to GC Inlets and Detectors.

GRAPHPACK 3D/2 connection technology

For the rapid, reliable and low-dead-volume connection of two capillary columns with the same or different outside diameter, or of different materials.