Dear GERSTEL customers and partners,

As the Corona pandemic has progressed,  the workflows and processes within GERSTEL have been updated to safeguard, to the best of our abilities, our continued operation and operational viability.
The changes have been performed under the premise that we aim to fulfill our responsibility to our employees as well as to you, our customers and partners.
Instead of business travels, meetings and visits, we communicate with our customers and partners using technical means including web-based or telephone conferences. 
To limit person-to-person contact, we let employees work from their home office wherever possible. Further, our facilities have been divided into multiple individually separate zones. Employees’ workplaces have been more widely spread throughout the building and our production related staff has at times been working in two time-separated shifts. In addition, twice-weekly rapid antigen tests have been made available to our employees.
Currently, we have sufficient stock at our disposal and we do not expect any material-related production delays.
External factors such as closure of international borders or delivery blocks are beyond our control and our influence.
If there are any substantial changes to the situation, we will inform you in a proactive and timely manner.
If you have any questions or require further information, please feel free to contact us at any time.

GERSTEL Management