Food Safety

Quality control and food safety

If you are going to determine the concentration of chemical- or biotoxins in food, you will probably rely on an efficient and approved extraction an analytical technique. This approach ensures that detection limits will be lower than the maximum concentrations allowed by law. GERSTEL offers you a large spectrum of unique and comprehensive automated sample preparation solutions e.g. based on the MultiPurpose Sampler MPS in combination with reliable GC/MS and LC/MS systems for quality control and food safety.

GERSTEL Solutions for food safety offer:
  • Determination of food toxins, veterinary drug residues and pesticides by Solid Phase Extraction SPE combined with LC (LC/MS) or GC (GC/MS) analysis
  • Determination of pesticides and drug residues by Automated Disposable Pipette Extraction DPX and LC (LC/MS) or GC (GC/MS) analysis
  • Determination of oxidation products in oils and fats by Dynamic Headspace DHS - GC/MS