MPS sample preparation robot with DPX option
DPX Workstation solution
MPS XL Autosampler with DPX Option and Agilent Technologies LC 1200
Automated DPX solution for LC

DPX for LC (LC/MS) and GC (GC/MS)

DPX coupled to your chromatographic system

DPX methods are readily automated using the GERSTEL MPS, which can introduce the extract into a GC/MS or LC/MS system. Additional sample preparation steps can be performed, including derivatization or adding an internal standard. The analyst only needs to place the samples in the MPS autosampler and activate the sequence table from the MAESTRO software. Everything else is performed automatically including GC/MS and LC/MS analysis.

Automated DPX solution for GC and GC/MS

For coupling DPX to a GC (GC/MS) system the DualRail variant of the MultiPurpose Sampler MPS is needed, thus enabling to use two different syringes, one for the DPX process, another one for GC (GC/MS) introduction. Lowest detection limits and highest thoughput can be obtained when using large volume injection with the GERSTEL Cooled Injection System CIS. In this case no additional concentration step is needed.

Automated DPX solution for LC and LC/MS

For coupling DPX to an LC (LC/MS) system a two tower variant of the MultiPurpose Sampler MPS is used enabling to use one syringe for the DPX process and one for LC (LC/MS) introduction.


GERSTEL MAESTRO PrepAhead provides automated overlapping of sample preparation and analysis for highest throughput and system utilization.