Detail view: MPS Autosampler with DPX Option
Automated Disposable Pipette
Extraction DPX for the MultiPurpose
Sampler MPS
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Automated Disposable Pipette Extraction DPX

Extraction in Seconds

DPX is a fast and efficient SPE technique used for a wide range of applications such as drugs of abuse, therapeutic drug monitoring, comprehensive screening, pharmacology studies (NNK), as well as pesticides in fruit and vegetables. DPX is based on unique and patented SPE devices: Pipette tips that incorporate loosely contained sorbent material, which is mixed with the sample solution. Turbulent air bubble mixing creates a suspension of sorbent in the sample ensuring optimal contact and highly effi cient extraction. The extraction is performed much faster than with traditional SPE techniques.

The Disposable Pipette Extraction DPX technique was developed by Professor William E. Brewer, Ph.D. from the University of Southern Carolina. Professor Brewer is the Owner-President of DPX Labs.The DPX technique has been automated
by GERSTEL using the MultiPurpose Sampler MPS.


Automated Disposable Pipette Extraction DPX offers:
  • Fast Extraction: Equilibration and elution occur in seconds
  • Low detection limits: Less than 250 µl liquid sample like blood or urine required to reach very low detection limits when combined with large volume injection
  • Excellent reproducibility and accuracy
  • Complete automation including added sample preparation steps and GC/MS or LC/MS analysis


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