Food Analysis and Quality Control

When it comes to determining what is in food, beverages or personal care products, a laboratory must have dependable analytical tools and capabilities.

Our expertise in sample preparation and in LC/MS and GC/MS analysis makes GERSTEL the obvious source of solutions for scientist working in the food and beverage industries. From the simple application focused on productivity through automation to the more complex techniques with complete sample preparation, analyte concentration and matrix elimination, GERSTEL is the source for all your needs.

GERSTEL offers a range of tools and techniques that are designed to meet the needs of our large customer base in the food & beverage industry:
  • Automated Solid Phase Extraction SPE for food toxins, veterinary drug residues and pesticides
  • Automated Disposable Pipette Extraction DPX for the extraction of pesticides and drug residues
  • Buchi-GERSTEL Fat Analyzer for the determination of fats and fatty acid profiles in foods
  • Automated Liner EXchange ALEX for high throughput pesticide analysis following the QuEChERS method 
  • Thermal Desorption and Thermal Extraction for flavors, fragrances and off odors
  • Dynamic Headspace DHS for the determination of oxidation products in oils and fats