Tube Conditioner TC for simultanous conditioning of 10 thermal desorption tubes or 50 Twisters.

GERSTEL Tube Conditioner TC

The Tube Conditioner TC 2 enables simultaneous conditioning of up to 10 TDS tubes or up to 50 GERSTEL Twisters.

Clean and well-conditioned  TD tubes and Twisters are essential in order to fully take advantage of the high sensitivity of the thermal desorption technique and to achieve the best possible quality of analysis. The TC 2 operates independently of the GC/MS system, eliminating the risk of system contamination during conditioning and keeping the GC/MS available for analytical tasks ensuring maximum productivity.
During conditioning in the TC 2, TD tubes are either held at a user-specified fixed temperature or undergo a specified temperature program cycle while being purged with inert gas to efficiently remove contaminants. Up to 5 Twisters will fit into an empty TDS tube, allowing up to 50 Twisters to be conditioned in one batch. Each tube has independent gas flow regulation enabling the conditioning of one to ten tubes without the need to adjust flows.

The TC 2 helps to ensure that conditioned TD tubes and Twisters are always available providing best possible quality of analysis.