Sample Prep Solution

Glyphosate and AMPA

In cooperation with TeLA GmbH, a partner laboratory of GERSTEL, an HPLC-based complete analysis system has been developed for the determination of glyphosate and its main metabolite aminomethyl phosphonic acid (AMPA) in food and environmental samples. Key parts of the Glyphosate/AMPA Sample Prep Solution from GERSTEL are the MultiPurpose Sampler (MPS) used for automated sample preparation and the GERSTEL SPEXOS, online solid phase extraction unit based on relatively small replaceable cartridges. Derivatization, SPE cleanup, LC-MS/MS sample introduction and -analysis are performed fully automated.

Benefits of the Sample Prep Solution Glyphosate / AMPA:

Automated determination of Glyphosate and AMPA in water, food and soil

  • Reliable results through reduction of matrix effects based on optimized sample preparation
  • Reduction of manual steps
  • Optimized system utilization and ROI of the complete analysis system including LC/MS thanks to PrepAhead parallel processing of sample preparation and analysis

Complete system delivery including methods and detailed description

  • Fast set-up of the system for productive use, no further method development needed

Completely automated sample preparation

  • Less manual handling steps required
  • Less contact with potentially toxic solvents, improved work safety
  • Reliable and constant high quality of analysis results

Parallel Processing of sample preparation steps and LC/MS analysis

  • Optimized productivity and system utilization: During the ongoing analysis, the next sample is prepared. As soon as the LC/MS is ready, the next sample has been prepared and is ready to be injected.